Weekend Dive Trips

Club shore dives (non members welcome)  go out  every Saturday morning throughout the year (unless the Saturday is Dec 25 / 26 or Jan 1/2). Meet at the shop   9am back by noon unless the site for the day is the Titahi Bay area.

Boat trips (two dives) minimum 4 people. Please contact us to book in advance (don’t forget to leave a contact number) & ring in at 5pm the day before your trip to catch the latest forecast & what’s happening.

Boat trips are usually on the weekend. We have trips to the South Coast or Kapiti. Trips are either scuba dives (scenic dives or crayfish) or a spearfishing only trip.

The Frigate Wellington (F69) is now in several pieces. Each section is a good wreck dive. Boat dives are on Wednesdays at 4pm.  Normally one dive.

We also have Four Wheel Drive trips that operate past Sinclair Head (Devil’s Gap). These are available any day of the week. One dive. Freedivers/ spearfishers and scuba divers welcome.

All trips need to be booked in advance/ minimum numbers apply.

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