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Welcome to Island Bay Divers,  located on the corner of Reef St and The Parade, Island Bay. We have been operating longer than any other dive shop in Wellington.


Shop hours are 9am to 6pm seven days a week most of the year.  In winter the shop is open 5 days a week – closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


We provide the full range of dive services – scuba dive classes & training, dive trips , diving equipment retail  and equipment servicing.


We have Wellington’s largest air compressor giving the minimum wait for tank fills.


Hydrostatic & visual tank testing is completed within 24 hours of delivery. We have been servicing equipment and testing cylinders for over 35 years. We give a 12 month guarantee on any servicing done in house.


Island Bay is one of New Zealand’s top dive sites, located in the middle of the capital city, Wellington. It’s rocky coastline, bordering the deep clear waters of Cook Strait, provides a habitat for a wide variety of fish species.


island bay dive training scuba diving course wellington new zealand

Island Bay is the centre of Wellington’s Taputeranga Marine Reserve. The reserve extends for 4 km from Princess Bay and ends just past the Te Kopahou Visitor Centre.


IB Divers put up the proposal for this reserve to DoC in 1989. 20 years later when the reserve was announced we were asked to chose the site and install it’s snorkel trail. This is one of only three trails in NZ.


If 7/8ths of the Planet Earth is underwater, so you haven’t seen the world until you’ve completed an open water dive course. Courses are run every month. Join us in the silent world right in Wellington’s centre.


island bay dive training scuba diving course wellington new zealand

Island Bay Divers has been owned and operated by Tim Walshe  for over 35 years, providing retail sales, equipment hire, equipment servicing, training classes & dive courses , trips, and organised dive activities.


We are Wellington’s most experienced dive store:

  • New Zealand’s only Pro Gold Centre
  • Wellington’s oldest PADI Facility; A Padi Dive Centre
  • Wellington’s only CMAS facility


All our sales staff are very experienced divers – most of them are Instructors.

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OutdoorsMark/ Qualworx audit our operation to ensure we have their seal of safety, quality & integrity in our adventure sctivities.

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