Advanced Diver Course

night divers

night divers

The Advanced Open Water Course is a course that enables new and experienced certified divers to learn about diving in new conditions and improve the skills learnt during their Open Water Certification.

You will be introduced to a range of different types of diving under varying conditions. The dives will give you the ability to conduct dives that cover techniques such as Rescue, Deep, Night, Navigation and Search and Recovery. By taking part in this course you will not only gain confidence in your diving ability but gain the freedom to take part in a wide variety of dives.

Plus you will double your  maximum allowed dive depth; this moves from 18m (Openwater) to 30m.


Open Water Qualification (any training agency)


PADI Certification

One Weekend or Weekdays course, after work dives  (5 dives)  $450.00; cost includes certification card & academic materials requirement.

You must have or hire a compass and octopus regulator for all the dives, and a torch (or hire this) for the night dive.

Hire gear for the course is at half normal hire rates, torches are $18.00 hire. Bring 4 c cell batteries or buy these from us.

Dive types may vary but a typical program might be:

Dive 1 :  Underwater naturalist: identifying fish, seaweeds & Invertebrates.

Dive 2 :  Deep dive:  dive to greater than 18m. Perform an SOP of 3 minutes @ 5m Tie various knots.

Dive 3 : Compass navigation dives: perform various exercises using a compass and return to within 5m of a buoy. Don’t forget your compass.

Dive 4 : Night dive. Don’t forget your torch or hire one from us.

Dive 5 : Search & recovery dive. Find a one metre I beam and bring it to the surface using a lift bag.


Put down $100 deposit at the shop. The academic portion of the course is done through PADI eLearning. Click on the top right corner of any page in our website on the PADI eLearning logo to enroll in the Advanced eLearning.  The modular quizzes must be completed before the start of our course.

If you want to gain a specialty certification in any of these activities, these dives count toward the four dives in each specialty required to achieve your specialty certification.  If you achieve 5 specialties and have advanced & rescue diver ratings you can be certified as a Master Scuba Diver. Under 2% of all divers worldwide have this rating.

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