PADI Advanced Diver Course

night divers

night divers

This course helps certified divers to broaden dive confidence and learn new techniques by experiencing a range of different types of dives. Plus your maximum allowed dive depth limit doubles; from 18m (Openwater) to 30m.


Open Water Qualification (any training agency).


One Weekend or Weekdays course, after work dives  (5 dives)  $250.00 plus eLearning fee. Don’t register for elearning until we have checked your enrolment, medical and certification.

You must have (or hire) a compass and octopus regulator for all the dives, plus a torch for the night dive.

Hire gear for the course is at half normal hire rates.

Dive types may vary but a typical program would be:

Dive 1 :  Peak performance buoyancy. Perfect buoyancy gives a very comfortable dive and reduces air consumption,

Dive 2 :  Deep dive:  dive to greater than 18m. Perform an SOP of 3 minutes @ 5m Tie various knots.

Dive 3 : Compass navigation dives: perform various exercises using a compass and return to within 5m of a buoy. Don’t forget your compass.

Dive 4 : Night dive. Don’t forget your torch.

Dive 5 : Search & recovery dive. Find a one metre I beam and bring it to the surface using a lift bag.


The academic portion of the course is done through PADI eLearning. The modular quizzes must be completed before the start of our course.

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