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Our Dive Shop is located in the centre of the Taputeranga Marine Reserve. This reserve has a snorkel trail (one of  three only in New Zealand) and it’s a short 7 minute walk from the shop. If you are coming by bus, the shop is 20 metres from the final stop on the #1 route bus. If you are coming by car we are on the corner of Reef St & the Parade, Island Bay.

There are two options:

1. Hire equipment only : You don’t need to book for this one, just turn up on the day and we will fit you out in whatever items you need, give you a conditions brief & you’re good to go.  We offer a full range of equipment for hire for snorkeling. We’ll show you which sites (in our opinion) are the best for the day and you take it from there. The trail is 7 minutes walk from the shop. Just turn up at the shop between 9am & 6pm.

2. Or opt for the Snorkel Tour package :  you need to book this one if you want us  to organise a guide. The unguided package includes mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, booties, and gloves ; if you want the guided package this includes the extra cost for the guide. If you can, come in a few days early to get fitted up with equipment.

Get geared up at our shop, then walk or drive 600 meters to the trail. The 5 km long reserve is one of the best snorkel & dive spots in Wellington, teeming with New Zealand wildlife including crayfish, octopuses, and many species of fish and kelp. Click here for more information on the reserve.

We provide an orientation & safety briefing beforehand, plus free tea and coffee when you return! People usually spend 2-3 hours total on this tour. Wellington sometimes has bad weather and if you are on a guided tour we may cancel tours if the conditions are unsuitable. If this occurs we will provide a full refund and try to reschedule you for a better day if you want.

We have guides fluent in Chinese, Italian, French & Spanish.

You can change into your swimsuit at our shop, there is a space to leave bags, as well as a restroom and bathroom. You can shower on your return. However any personal possessions are held on an ‘all care, no responsibility’ basis.

Seasonal water temperatures  range from 10°C-18°C (50°F-64°F).  You can choose from a range of wetsuit thicknesses up to 7mm to guarantee you are warm during the experience.  It can be physically demanding,  so you need to be a competent swimmer and have an adequate level of fitness.  Minimum age is 12.  For guided tours everyone signs a standard waiver/ release form & a self-completed medical release before they head out & these tours are by reservation only.

A gear deposit of $150 cash or a photo ID are required for hires. Please call our shop if you have any questions – (04) 383-6778, 027 609 4785  or


You should check the latest marine conditions & visibility over the two days prior to your tour on our Facebook page or links page here . This will give you an update of current conditions at the site.

If you want to see what the snorkel trail looks like underwater, click on the u tube link below. Visibility is average for the location. Video is by Pat Wall.

rock beach access to marine preserve

Book tour! Book tour!