Open Water Dive Course – Learn to Dive in Wellington


HOW OUR COURSE WORKS : our objective is to train in small groups, train beyond the minimum standard & provide this training at a reasonable cost.

Step 1: All you need to do prior to the course

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Request a medical form ( which we will email  to you, plus a program & other forms. Complete this (no need to see a Doctor) and return to us. We will check it & send you confirmation of your  fitness to dive. Then pay a $200 deposit for the course, this is fully refundable unless you withdraw within three weeks of the course commencement date. Then enroll on the PADI e-learning program by clicking on their logo at the top right hand of any page of this website. They will ask for payment & this will be deducted from your course fee on the first night of the course. NB PADI will not refund your fee once you have started the program.

What equipment do I need?  We will provide all the equipment you need except for gloves which you can buy , if you wish, from us.


Step 2: Learn the key dive skills in a deep pool:

island bay dive training scuba diving course wellingtonIn  a pool with a depth that is 25% of the maximum depth you will be certified to dive to. This is necessary to ensure you are fully prepared for the sea dives later in the course. We use the Kilbernie Aquatic Centre’s diving pool – the largest & deepest diving pool in Wellington. The pool measures 25x 16 x 5m and is heated to 26 degrees C. Even so we recommended that you bring at least one  poly-prop t shirt to wear in the water. The pool training is run over a week for four evenings of a couple of hours each

Please note, you need to be able to swim (any style) 200m as a prerequisite for our course.


Step 3: Apply the skills you have learned in the sea.

island bay dive training scuba diving course wellingtonFor your international ticket you are required to complete four sea dives under Instructor supervision. Dives normally take one hour and these are completed on two consecutive Sundays (9am to 3:30pm). This means the whole course is completed in two weeks. At this point you are an international certified scuba diver with a lifetime international qualification.


Step 4: Maximise your dive confidence, independence and local knowledge.

island bay dive training scuba diving course wellingtonAlthough you are now a certified diver we recommend you take this final step. It’s free, and it is important if you are to maximise your diving knowledge and training.

We will provide all the equipment for you to do an extra eight dives (giving you a total of 12 sea dives) by joining the club’s dives on Saturday morning at 9am, . Instructors or Divemasters choose the best site for the day. You will be given a full dive briefing at the site before everyone begins their dives.

You can choose your dive partner or we can arrange an experienced buddy for you. You can dive with the instructor if you want, but the aim is to get you into a more realistic scenario of diving without an instructor guiding your whole dive. We want you to develop independence and confidence in making dive decisions, so you become a proficient and independent diver. If you have achieved this confidence and proficiency at the end of your course, we have completed our training objective.

The Saturday dives focus on you organising your dives plus (if this is your interest) techniques on how to catch crayfish & scallops. On the way you’ll also find out where sea food lives. NB crayfish & scallops can be harvested on scuba but paua can only be taken on snorkel without scuba. We’ll try to take you to a different site each week (weather permitting). Some of these dives will be by 4WD. So if you have a 4WD bring it along & we’ll show you some good places off road & some amazing scenery only 30 minutes from the CBD.

These additional club dives are free. You will meet more people interested in diving. You will add another eight dive sites to your local knowledge. All we ask ( if you take the optional extra dives)  is that these are completed within eight weeks of you finishing stage 3  on Saturday mornings. This will mean your total training is 60 hours with a maximum of 12 sea dive, plus time spent on your e-learning.

Remember you don’t have to do this stage – only 1, 2 and 3 are required for your certification.

It’s a unique dive course ( more dives & more Open water level training than any other course in NZ) – why not check it out?

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